Strip Pirate Penguins with Ana Molly and April

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Yarr! The Pirate Penguins are back to determine which girl will be the winner. Or, as one of the girls puts it, who will plunder the booty. And booty will be plundered, as the winner symbolically demonstrates her dominance of the loser by making her take a strap-on. (Side note: it sure is nice to have a dick, isn't it? I feel bad for the women who have to use plastic simulations).

Oh well. As the game progresses, it's revealed that one of the girls is wearing see-through panties, exposing her pussy peeking through and making for some great shots of her ass as she bends over to place her penguins. Ana Molly taunts April that she's likely to knock over the penguins with her giant tits, or her silent mountain as Ana calls them. But April's breasts, despite being large and natural, are firm enough that they don't move much and April is able to keep them from disrupting the boat. Ana tries to distract April with her ass, but April has been trained by ninjas to resist ass-temptation.
As the winner gets her strap-on ready, the loser bemoans her failed captainship. (There's also a Walt Whitman quote in there somewhere.) It's decided that Marvin (the box that acted as a timer) can watch the action and that he's the real winner. The winner starts fucking the loser from behind on the couch before transitioning to missionary, where she can also suck the loser's titties. Despite being forced to allow herself to be penetrated by a latex cock, the loser doesn't find the experience entirely unpleasant.