Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Kimber, Becky, Jasmine, Jennifer, and Paige

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They were very popular. They're back again to play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors, best of three, king-of-the-hill style. (One of the girls is a dirty dirty cheater, relying on late throws to keep her ahead of the game. They play to just one loser, who gets victimized by the other four.

The winners surround the loser with markers and proceed to cover her body with degrading, humiliating writing. Lots of penises are drawn, and notations like “LOSER”, and “SISSY”, and “ENTER IF YOU DARE.” A cum-target is drawn around her belly button. And the loser's ordeal doesn't end there. The winners make her do an exercise routine, including jumping jacks, sit ups, and squats, exposing her privates and showing off her body and its decorations.