Strip Candy Passing with Leilani, Nettle, and Endza

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Candy passing. If you&apos are not familiar with it, it&apos is a game for three players. Two of them make out while passing a small candy between them, and then the third has to guess who&apos is left with it. Nettle explains the rules while munching a few pre-game pieces of candy. (By the way, SkittlesĀ® is a registered trademark of the Wrigley Company. We have absolutely no affiliation with them whatsoever, apart from thinking their candy is delicious.)

One thing I've noticed about this game is that the guesser seems to be wrong more often than not. Maybe they're really easily fooled. Anyway, after the 11-minute game, the loser is topless or in bra and panties.

The forfeit is a combination: masturbation and masturbation instruction. The loser has to sit on the couch, spread her legs over the laps of the winners, and play with herself, all the while telling you to join her and encouraging you to rub one out while she does. She fondles her pussy and fantasizes about you fucking her while the winners urge her on until finally, she cums. It might be my imagination but it looked like one of the winners was getting pretty flushed and turned on watching the loser.