Strip Freeze with Sassy, Dylan, and Tyler (ft. Tobi)

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Okay, so this is a good one.
It was a beautiful day when we filmed this, and as we walked to the suite, the girls looked longingly at the hotes outdoor swimming pool.
”Boy,” said one, “I'd sure like to go for a swim.”
”So why don't you?” I asked.
”We don't have our bathing suits,” said another.
”So just go in wearing bra and panties,” I said.

The girls looked like they were considering it when an idea occurred to me. We were there to play games, after all. “I'll tell you what,” I said…

The end result? The girls would play Strip Freeze, and then we'd all go out to the pool. The girls in bra and panties. Only, once they were in the pool, the loser would have to take off her panties and masturbate. In the pool. In public. Outside. And the water was crystal clear and hid nothing. Good forfeit, no?

So they play the game. Land on red, strip. Land on green, pick an opponent to strip. The girls are really good at hitting the green. Must be those lightning-quick young reflexes. After the six-minute game, the loser was bottomless or nude. There was just supposed to be one loser, but the others coerced one of the winners (the naked one) into joining the loser in the forfeit.

One of the girls brought a GoPro underwater. She's not very good with it (we really need to give the girls better instructions on how to use a camera) but she still managed to get some excellent shots as the losers strip off their panties and begin to perform. But why masturbate yourself when there's somebody else to do it for you? The two girls start masturbating each other. One of them starts to get into it, until suddenly some strangers show up. Tobi tells everyone to act naturally, which they do until one of them realizes she left her panties in the pool and has to retrieve them.

One the interlopers were gone, off come the panties and there's more nubbin rubbin. After a suitable period of time they get ready to leave, when one of the losers asks, “Did we get enough action?” Without waiting for an answer, she starts fingering the other loser. Hard. With both hands.

This was one of our more daring public forfeits. I'd forgotten it until they started talking about it, but both Tobi and Sassy were involved in another extremely daring and risky public forfeit.