Earth and Fire with Audrey, Kevin, and Yesenia

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I'm proud to welcome the lovely Audrey. She's joined by Yesenia and Kevin in a co-ed game of Earth and Fire, where the object is to force one of your opponents to have an orgasm.
The loser is made to cum against his or her will while they struggle to resist. Then the winners get to have orgasms of their own, but on their own terms and courtesy of the loser, who becomes the plaything of the winners.

Okay, look usually, I try to hide any spoilers and stay vague about identities in any non-hidden text, but it's really going to be impossible to talk about this one without spoiling at least the gender of the loser. So if you don't want to know that, just stop reading right now and buy the clip already.

When it's Kevin's turn to be stimulated, the girls blow him enthusiastically to try to make him cum. He reciprocates when it's a girl's turn by jackhammering his fingers in her pussy.
All three try to resist. But one of the girls gets the worst of it thanks to some very bad luck.
Her color comes up three times in a row, and after a one-round break, three more times. As the other two gleefully tease her body for increasingly-long periods of time, her body can't help but respond, involuntarily thrusting her hips. Her pussy gets wet, and we can hear the sloshing sounds as the fingers work her relentlessly. Her face goes red and she grits her teeth to hold off the rising orgasm, but it's no use. She starts giggling uncontrollably as she's pushed past the point of no return, and then the giggles turn into screams as the pent-up orgasm rips through her, leaving her breathless, flushed, and the loser of the 10-minute game. Time to pay her debt.

The winners put her on her hands and knees and start with a good old-fashioned double-team, as she's made to lick the winner's pussy as Kevin fucks her from behind. Her ass cheeks jiggle pleasantly as she's fucked, and so do her tits. With her pussy still dripping wet and tingling, it isn't long before she's brought to another orgasm. (By the way, the cameraman felt it necessary to get some nice close-ups from behind of Kevin's dangling balls repeatedly whapping the loser's vagina, so if you like that sort of thing,you're in luck.

Double-teaming is fun, but the winners decide to take turns so each can focus on using the loser's body in their own way. Kevin fucks her for a bit longer then takes a break so the loser can get back it licking the winner's pussy. As the loser crouches, we get some nice views of her swollen, aching pussy. As Kevin fingers that pussy, the winner cums on the loser's face, and then it's Kevin's turn again. He flips the loser on her back and starts fucking her hard, driving her back into ecstasy. Her tits flail wildly as she sprawls, spread wide open and nearly delirious from the nonstop stimulation, before Kevin pulls out and ejaculates all over her pussy.