Strip Foosball with Tobi and Stefanie

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Meet new girl Stefanie, who faces off against Tobi. Now, Tobi is a good friend of Stefanie and she was in fact referred by her, but I wasn’t planning for Tobi to be in this shoot. I love her and so do a lot of you, but she’s been here a lot lately and I was worried about overexposure, pun intended. She’d just stopped by to show off the Lost Betsy tattoo she’d gotten just the previous day. But the girl who was supposed to be Stefanie’s opponent flaked on us, so I begged Tobi to step in and save our bacon, and like a trooper, she did. And I’m incredibly glad she did, because that shoot produced some excellent episodes, starting with this one. Stefanie, by the way, has never been nude on camera before.That’s one of the things I love about Tobi: she has a real knack for sweet-talking rank amateurs into betting their clothes. Or as she calls them, cherries.

The game was Strip Foosball Tobi, and the loser would have to take a barehanded over-the-knee spanking from the winner. Before the game, before we even knew that the other player was going to bail on us, I told Stefanie aside and told her that while we’ve used this forfeit before, most are generally nice people and tend to go easy on the loser. I asked her not to do that. I asked her to let her inner bitch out and really let fly, if she won. She laughed and said that wouldn’t be a problem. Then when Tobi showed up, I told her the same thing. She gave an evil grin and said that it would be her pleasure. Stefanie overheard this and promised Tobi that she’d make her ass glow redder than my name. This started back-and-forth trash talk, with each girl threatening the other with a vicious whooping.

Man, that worked out great. I’m going to have to do that more often.

Tobi starts out with her accustomed cockiness, especially since Stef had worried that she sucked at foosball. But it turned out that she’d been taken for a ride, as Stef is apparently a hustler and takes an early lead. Tobi’s chest is quickly bared and her tits sway and jiggle enticingly as she desperately spins the rods trying to preserve her modesty and her tender ass.. (Did I mention that Tobi absolutely hates to be spanked?) She complains about foosball sharks while rubbing her exposed fresh tattoo. Perhaps the prospect of a determined spanking motivated her, because she started playing her heart out and mounting a comeback. She delighted in Stef’s embarrassment as her own bra was lost and her own bare breasts were exposed to the world for the first time.

The game takes about 13 minutes. I reminded the winner to show no mercy. She assured me that she wouldn’t. The loser is in for 21 spanks: ten on each cheek, then one for good luck. The loser asks the winner not to spank the same spot twice, which the winner completely ignores. In fact, every single one of the spanks on each cheek lands in exactly the same spot, as the loser flails and shrieks and kicks her legs like an infant. As the winner’s hand comes down again and again on the loser’s jiggly buttocks, she tries in vain to cover. True to her word, the winner leaves the loser’s hide red and warm.