Tobi Lost a Bet

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And now for something completely different.

Tobi lost a bet to me. Specifically, she lost a bet on an NFL playoff game. Now, the NFL is known to jealously guard its trademarks so I'm going to have to be a little vague here: it was a game between the Seattle Birds and the Atlanta Other Birds. The Birds are my local team and I'm a fan, but I thought the magic that led them to two consecutive Awesome Basins had faded, and that the Other Birds were underrated. This latter belief was totally justified right until their epic, history-making choke in the fourth quarter of this year's Magnificent Tureen.

Even so, I'd never bet against the home team (I've got my 13 jerseys hanging in the closet) but the stakes were high, and just too tempting to resist. If I'd lost I'd owe Tobi a significant chunk of money, but if she lost, the consequences for her would be very permanent, and life-changing. If she lost, she'd have to get a real honest-to-goodness never-comes-off tattoo of Lost Betsy, this site's mascot. How could I refuse?

Well, as you can probably guess from the title of this video even if you don't follow the NFL, I won. The video starts with her standing outside the tattoo parlor, being nervous about what's to come. We're led into the booth, where she relates a story about telling her father about the tattoo earlier in the day when he took her out for a birthday dinner earlier in the day. Oh, did I mention that it was her birthday? Yup, for real. Then she starts to strip. Oh, did I mention that part of the bet was that she'd have to be totally naked for the tattoo? Yep, that too.

And now here comes the tragic news: the fucking camera (actually, the fucking SD card) crapped out right about then. We missed the whole beginning of the tattoo, but fortunately, I was able to get footage to start capturing again before it was done and we can see the ink getting etched into her bare skin. Oh, did I mention that the tattoo was really big and prominently located on her hip, right next to her pussy? Yep, that too. For now, until her last day, she'll be a walking billboard. I'm ashamed to say this, but I'm so thankful the Birds lost.

Despite that, she loved the tattoo. She came by the next day to show it off but unexpectedly ended up in a shoot. She came by again a few days later to drop off the rent (she's my tenant) and talk about the shoot, so I should mention that this video contains spoilers for a couple of the games from it. If you like seeing the players in their most candid moments, you'll like that part. We also talked about her boy toy Oliver, who wants to be in the shoots, so maybe we'll meet him later.