Strip on Spades with Belle, RyAnne, and Ana Molly

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The game is Strip on Spades. The rules are simple. Draw a spade, strip. Draw a heart, make someone else strip. Three girls play. One girl suffers the consequences: shes strapped to the Greyjoy cross and the other two get to do whatever they want to her. Its a quick 7-minute game, leaving an awful lot of time for the forfeit.

After the loser is strapped to the cross, the winners ponder what to do with her. The loser is defiant, telling to winners that shes not at all ticklish. She changes her tune, however, when the winners notice that shes not really naked, that her pussy is shrouded in a thick blanket of hair. Then, she says shes very ticklish, and begs to be tickled rather than shorn. She pleads with them to spare her bush, which has never been shaved, ever, in her whole entire life. But her pleas fall on deaf ears when the winners fetch the shaving supplies.

Its pretty hilarious as the winners shear away the hair from the horrified losers pussy. Samson and Delilah are referenced, as are sheep. Shes left with a bushstache before that too is shorn away. Its the first time the loser or anyone else has ever really seen her coochie.

But the trimmer can only take the hair down so far, and the winners were determined that the loser should be bare and smooth. So they release her from the cross and order her to finish the job herself with a razor. Like said earlier, shed never done this before and really has no idea what shes doing, so the other two have to teach her how. They give her a cellphone with a front-facing camera so she can see (and record) what shes doing. They offer sometimes-conflicting advice and discuss pussy-shaving technique. The winners chat about their personal shaving experiences while the losers pretty pink pussy is gradually exposed and bared for all to see. Honestly, it was a crime to keep that beauty hidden, and Im honored to have had a hand in revealing it to the world.