Strip Pirate Penguins with AngieJo, Jennie, and Cora

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Three amateur ladies return for their third game together. Cora and AngieJo had never been naked on camera before. Cora lost her modesty and had to expose her body on camera for the first time.
Then the ante was upped and she had to not only get naked, she had to masturbate to orgasm for everyone.
This was actually the fourth game they played and is being published out of sequence, but in their third game AngieJo finally fell and exposed her naked (and cumming) body. This left Jennie as the only one who hadn’t lost or even exposed much, and she was quite smug about it. Will her streak hold, or will she find herself targeted for revenge by the other two?

The game is Strip Pirate Penguins, and the winners get to pick what the loser takes off. The girls taunt each other throughout and try to make each other lose. The ultimate loser will be bound in restraints and toyed with by the winners with vibrators, forcing her to get humiliatingly aroused. Jennie has to bare her chest for the first time this shoot, and it makes her so nervous that she drops a penguin, costing her another precious garment. By the way, none of these girls is among my top five favorites (sorry, ladies, but the competition is fierce) but I have to admit that AngieJo’s tits are quite nice.

The game lasts 14 minutes. The big winner is quite gleeful and eager for the chance to torment to loser, so they get on with it. Her wrists and ankles are secured in a bar that holds them together, and she’s also put in a thighbinder. This wasn’t the best combination, as the two bondage devices do opposite things, but at least they leave the loser completely immobilized, ass and pussy open and vulnerable. And when the winners roll her onto her back, they’ve got plenty of access to both.

As the winners apply their vibes, she shudders and gets visibly wet. The winners taunt her for her fat pussy lips, now trembling as she’s more and more involuntarily aroused. A winner gets a
cellphone and gets some nice shots of the loser’s trembling legs and dripping pussy.