Strip Darts with BJ and Rose

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We met awesome brunette Rose back,and now she’s here with her husband BJ.
Now, a husband-and-wife team wouldn’t ordinarily be all that embarrassed to be stripped in front of each other, but the winner of this game gets to do whatever they want to the loser. And this, as anyone who’s been married could tell you, is a rare prize indeed.

The only restriction is that Rose insisted that her rear entrance was off-limits. And, even worse, she insisted that BJ’s back door was not off-limits. And considering all the stuff that’s hanging from the blow-up doll on the cross, he really better hope he wins. Rose has a tattoo of the classic masks of comedy and tragedy. This forfeit will be one of those for one of them, and the other one for the other one.

The game is Strip Darts. Each player throws three darts, and the winner gets to remove a piece of clothing (of their choice) from the loser. There’s plenty of bantering and taunting.

It’s going to be impossible to describe the forfeit without spoilers.

BJ is smug as hell as he makes Rose get down on her knees and suck his cock. She’s pretty good at it, too, taking him pretty deep, past gagging depth. While she’s doing that, BJ rubs her pussy to moisten her up a bit for the fucking that’s to come. He takes her from behind, pretty roughly. She asks if it’s because she won’t let him take her ass. “Is this a hate-fuck?” And even if she won’t let him fuck her asshole, he pulls apart her cheeks to get a good look at it anyway, as her tits bounce ferociously from the pounding.

He switches her back to the blowjob, and then sits and makes her squat on his cock. After awhile she confesses that she didn’t do enough squats at the gym and can’t keep it up. So he makes her get back on her knees to finish him with her mouth, and he tells her that he’s going to cum on her face. And boy, does he, all over. It’s in her eye so she can’t see. She gestures at what she thinks is a camera and misses. By the time she says goodbye, she’s got it running from forehead to chin.