Strip Freeze with Tobi and Stefanie

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The girls play Strip Freeze, and since they're good friends, there's plenty of sharp banter between them during the six-minute game. The ultimate loser gets turned into an Easter bunny, in honor of the holiday. She gets a set of bunny ears, a little bunny snout, and a cute little bunny tail that does a surprisingly good job of staying put after being stuck in her ass crack.

But bunnies also have cottony fur, which just wouldn't stick to the human body. So to fix that, the loser's body gets covered in honey. Lots and lots of honey. Four containers of honey. It looks really cool oozing down her body and dripping off her nipples. It was also really cool in a literal sense: we kept the honey in the fridge, because we're jerks. The poor loser was shivering near the end. And then she got covered in shredded cotton balls. The winner tried to make her do some bunny hops, but unfortunately, her feet were stuck to the ground with honey.

By the way, there's a minor logistical thing: this was actually the fifth of five games the girls played that day (wet-and-messy forfeits are generally the last thing we do) so it obviously had to be published out of order. Tobi talks a bit about what happened in the earlier games, which could be considered a spoiler. But really, who'll mind hearing that there's more of Stefanie's tight little body to see?