Strip High Card with Gracie and Roxy

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Introducing two new girls to the ever-growing roster players. There's Gracie, who is not to be confused with Grace.
And there's Roxy, who is doing this to help pay her way through graduate school. I dunno about you guys, but smart girls, especially smart girls with big fleshy natural tits.

As I like to do with fresh meat, they start with a simple game and a simple forfeit. The game is Strip High Card, and the losers naked body will be posed and exposed by the winner. The game starts off looking like a blowout for one player, but the other player manages to stage a comeback. As the clothes come off, Gracie hides her breasts behind her hair. Roxy, unable to do that, is forced to cover with her hands. That's tough to do with her large boobs, and she can't prevent us from getting a few choice peeks of her impressive chest.

After the five-and-a-half-minute game, the winner orders the loser to pose with her legs in the air, pussy wide open. Then the loser has to squat and open her pussy lips with her fingers. Finally, the winner demands a downward, although both of them have the wrong idea about what this means, and she ends up posing in doggie style, which still gives us a nice view from behind.

The loser vows revenge. Will she get it? Time will tell.