Strip Dice with Dylan and Carmen

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Meet new girl Carmen. Carmen is of Latin descent, with an accent to match. As is usual with newbies, I started them off with a simple game and a simple forfeit: strip dice, with the loser showing all while holding a series of revealing yoga poses, Dylan tries to act reluctant as her clothes come off, but it's clearly an act. She's far too much of a wild- to let something like showing her nude body on camera embarrass her. Carmen, on the other hand, tries to put on a brave face, but you can tell that underneath it all she's really nervous about exposing herself to a lot of Internet strangers, for the first time ever.

It's a very close game. Both girls act pretty silly, which might be the natural exuberance and energy that comes with youth. Or maybe they were both drunk. I wouldn't know. Don't ask, don't tell, right? Dylan keeps singing the theme song from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, which made me wonder where the hell she heard it, considering that the show ended in 1995. It's cute at first, but it does get a bit old.The game lasts about 7 minutes and outcome to the yoga cards and the loser's grand unveiling. We gave the winner a camera to capture some of those embarrassing moments, but unfortunately, she sucked at it. We gave her instructions, but she ignored them. (See previous about possible intoxication.) The loser, despite her tight, toned body, is apparently not in the best shape, as the yoga poses leave her dizzy and seeing stars.