Strip Freeze with Helena, Cierra, Desiree, Yesenia, and Jay

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It’s a five-player free-for-all as Helena, Yesenia, Cierra, and Desiree are joined by Jay in this game to three losers. It’s quite a diverse group, with a girl of northern European descent, a girl of eastern European descent, a Latina, a girl of Indian descent, and a dude of African descent. All shades and colors represented here; I am an equal-opportunity pornographer. The winners get to tan the losers’ hides. Helena gives an awkward into and then the game begins. I want you to take a moment to imagine a stripping game between four guys and a girl, where the winner of each round got to pick someone to strip and the loser got spanked. What would happen?

Obviously, the girl would be naked, blushing, and bent over before you could say “bros before ho’s.” This isn’t the way it works with the genders reversed. Girls love picking on each other, and when one of these girls wins, she usually picks another girl to strip. Then when that girl wins, she strips the first girl for revenge. Ah, that inscrutable female psychology.

The game lasts about 14 minutes. The winners gleefully begin their task. Two of the losers have nice fleshy buttocks, just made for spanking. The other has a more slender ass but it still jiggles nicely when smacked. The winners show no mercy. The three asses presented to them get played like six bongos.The losers are helplessly bent over, legs slightly apart, pussies showing from behind, asses turning red as the beating continues. By the way, Johnny jumps into the frame to adjust the cameras a few times. Since he managed to get in front of all seven cameras at once, we had no choice but to leave him in. Camera hog probably misses his time as a player.