Strip Torange with Gracie and Roxy

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Gracie and Roxy are back for their second game. In their debut, Gracie found herself naked and spread for the cameras. Roxy was forced to expose her luscious tits but managed to keep her pussy hidden. Now Gracie is out for revenge while Roxy is determined to preserve her modesty. The stakes are higher as the loser not only has to expose herself, she has to show us all how she masturbates. Intense embarrassment is in store.

It’s a new game, Torange. A category is chosen, then the girls take turns naming things from that category starting with a different letter until one of them is unable. Then she (shocker of shockers) loses an article of clothing. The winner gets to pick what she loses and strip it off herself, and then the loser has to do an increasingly-naked twirl. It starts off looking like a blowout for one of the girls, but the other girl mounts an impressive comeback, and the 16-minute game is very close. (I must say, I really enjoy watching Roxy’s tits sway and jiggle while she plays. Roxy’s a grad student, and I love smart girls. I love them even more when they’ve got big, bouncy bare breasts.)

The winner grabs a cellphone to record the juiciest moments while the loser spreads her trimmed pussy and prepares to pay off her debt. She starts by rubbing her clit, then dips her fingers inside her pussy both for pleasure and to moisten them for more clit-rubbing, which gets nearly She’s a good sport, and despite her obvious embarrassment at doing it in front of everyone, she does her best. She grabs abd pinches her nipples as she gets close, and her face flushes red. By the time her ordeal is over, she’s dizzy and out of it.