Strip Pirate Penguins with Dylan and Carmen

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First, an apology: this episode is being published out of order, and it contains a spoiler for an earlier, unpublished game. Specifically, the loser of that game had to wear an internal vibrator for the duration of the next game, i.e. this one. And the vibrator is controllable via Bluetooth, and that controller was given to me, and I did not use my powers for good. I mostly kept her on a low-level buzz to keep her from getting desensitized, then gave her a good jolt at opportune times. So if you notice that Carmen is a little flushed, that her hair has fallen over her face, that her posture and body language are odd, now you know why.

These girls are both high-energy and highly-competitive, and kind of loopy besides. The loser of this game will have to run around the house naked three times. The game gets started after Dylan places her fingers on Carmen’s crotch to verify that the vibrator is working. It is. And it turns out that Carmen is a dirty, dirty cheater. I gave her a zap with the vibrator while it was Dylan’s turn, and this made her stagger and hit the boat with her, knocking it over and dumping the poor penguins. Despite this being clearly her fault, she insisted that Dylan had to strip. Then later, when it’s Dylan’s turn again, Carmen tries to knock over the ship by blowing on it and ends up knocking it over with her hair. This costs Dylan another piece of clothing and causes her to do a Lil’ Jon bit.

Finally, Dylan is naked and has lost while Carmen still has her panties. (As soon as the game is over, Carmen takes out the vibrator, which bounces and hums on the table.) But Dylan is pissed and protests because of the rampant cheating. She demands that Carmen do the run instead, and drags her across the floor to the door. She appeals to the crew for fairness, and I agree that she got gypped. As a remedy, I order that they both must run around the house naked. Hippo tells Carmen that she can keep her panties, but I overrule him. Ain’t no chicks keeping their panties while I’m in charge. And there’s an added bonus: the phrase “run around the house” is ambiguous, and Carmen thought she’d have to run around inside the house. Nope.

They go out to the yard and begin their run. The yard is mostly protected by a hedge, but there’s a gap where traffic on the busy street can look through and get an eyeful. As they run, Carmen expresses her displeasure at Dylan for forcing her to join the run by repeatedly slapping her ass. Dylan retaliates by banding back a branch as she runs by it, so it springs back and whacks Carmen. In the end, we have two girls standing breathless, sweaty, and very, very naked.

The vibrator, by the way, is a Lush by Lovense. I love Lovense’s products, even if they won’t give me access to their source code so I can implement this really cool game I have in mind involving two Lushes and Morse code.