Strip Torange with Tobi and Stefanie

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I love Tobi. There, I said it. Her enthusiasm for the games, her competitive streak, her fervent desire to win, all make her a great player. For example, when she found out that the loser of this game had to wear a butt-plug, she threatens to insert it into Stefanie without lube. Then she assures her that she’s not that meanwhile mouthing “I’m totally that means” to the camera. She’s hilarious throughout this one, taunting Stefanie mercilessly.

The loser gets down on her knees and prepares to receive her punishment. The winner loves it as she pushes the plug deeper and deeper into the loser’s ass. The loser ends up laughing at what the winner says, forcing the butt-plug out of her abdominal muscle spasm with laughter. She has real trouble unclenching her sphincter, but eventually, the winner succeeds in popping it in, leaving the loser unable to sit down.

By the way, the loser not only gets the butt-plug, she has to wear it all through the next game. Talk about discomfort!